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here at your own risk, but be ready to fall in love!

Pomeranian puppies for sale. Pomeranian puppies and dogs that are champion bred, show potential, white, cream, black, parti, orange, sable Pomeranian puppies in NE Ohio, your place for wonderful quiet family members with show background. The Pomeranian loves human companionship which is why they are one of the most popular toy breeds. The Pomeranian is an affectionate little dog that makes an excellent companion. Most of our pomeranian dogs will have an adult weight of 4 - 6 lbs, though every so often we get a teacup pomeranian too. Daily brushing of the pomeranian is recommended. Pomeranians are a very smart dog. Here at Dandr Poms, we are a small home pomeranian kennel. We raise Pomeranians that are very lovable and quiet indoor lap dogs. Our Pomeranian puppies are inside with us. We include info on how to care for your pomeranian. The objective of Dandr Poms is to breed quality and show potential Pomeranian puppies for sale that also make wonderful pets. Our Pomeranian kennel is small, - only a few breeding male pomeranians, and a few more female pomeranians, but with so much attention your new family member will have lots of hands on love and attention. Some of the benefits of this type of pomeranian kennel means that your future pets will be very lovable, Pomeranians that are friendly, very responsive, quiet and generally secure. I have been a Pomeranian breeder since 1997 starting off with orange, cream and red Pomeranians. At this time, we are focusing on white, parti, and sable Pomeranian puppies. We also still have orange and red Pomeranian dogs. If you are looking for Pomeranian puppies, better not "enter" unless you are planning on falling in love.

here at your own risk, but be ready to fall in love!

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